Services and Support for the Disabled in Luxembourg

Information on organisations and facilities for the disabled in Luxembourg...

Info Handicap (Centre National d'Information et de Rencontre du Handicap) provides information services for children and adults with disabilities. The Guide du Handicap is a comprehensive guide available on request or on their website.

The Institut pour Deficients Visuels (IDV) supports visually impaired and blind children aged 4-15.

  • IDV
    : 17A, route de Longwy, L-8080 Bertrange
    Tel: 45 43 06-1

The Centre de Logopédie is a public school specifically for children with hearing and/or speech impairment and with communication problems.

Services Audiophonologiques can provide support and technical help to people suffering from hearing impairment and tinnitus.

The association Aide aux Enfants Handicapés du Grand-Duché provides support and help to families of mentally and physically disabled children.

The Fondation du Tricentenaire is a group taking care of children and adults presenting physical or mental deficiencies through fully equipped residencies. The foundation also provides help with administrative issues.

Calibre Audio Library: UK charity, Calibre, supplies audio books in English on cassette or disk to visually impaired and disabled people. The free service is available to members (registration can be made via the website). Free postal service is available to anywhere in Europe.