Maternity, Paternity and Childbirth Benefits

Information on the benefits available to parents of newborn babies: who can apply and how to register for them...

Women receive a number of benefits and job protection while pregnant.

Pregnant women cannot be made redundant unless gross misconduct (faute grave) can be proven. During the pregnancy and the first three months after the birth, women must not carry out physically demanding work or be exposed to any dangerous environment or tasks. The pregnant women cannot work overtime or nights and may be reassigned to other duties without loss of salary. They can also attend their antenatal check-ups without loss of salary.

Maternity and paternity leave

In order to benefit from any maternity allowances the mother-to-be must be resident in Luxembourg, be registered with the sickness and maternity insurance, and in most cases should have worked at least six months prior to the pregnancy.

Pregnant women are entitled to eight weeks optional paid leave before the birth and eight weeks compulsory paid leave after the birth. This can be extended to 12 weeks in cases of premature births, multiple births or if the mother is breast feeding. At the end of this period, she should be re-integrated at an equivalent position for at least the same salary. Mothers who adopt are also entitled to 8 to 12 weeks paid maternity leave.

Note: Mothers at work are entitled to 90 minutes per day to feed their child for the whole breastfeeding period. The breastfeeding breaks are considered working time and are paid accordingly.

Fathers are entitled to 10 days leave following the birth or adoption of a child.

Maternity allowances

Maternity allowances are paid in three parts:

Pre-natal allowance (allocation prénatale): This one-off payment is paid either after all obligatory doctors' visits have been carried out within a given time-frame or at the same time as the Birth Allowance (Allocation de Naissance).

Birth allowance (allocation de naissance): To benefit the woman must have given birth in Luxembourg and undergo a medical check between two and ten weeks after the birth. To claim, send a birth certificate and the form that is given by the Commune when the baby's birth is registered. This benefit is also available to parents that adopt a child.

Postnatal allowance (allocation postnatale): One-off allowance provided six medical examinations have been carried out before the child's second birthday. This is only paid if the parents are resident in Luxembourg.

Note: Cross border workers employed in Luxembourg are not entitled to the above allowances and must apply for benefits in their country of residence.

Non-working mothers

Maternity allowance (allocation de maternité): available for non-working mothers for eight weeks before and eight weeks after birth.

Parental Leave

Each parent can take up to six months parental leave (congé parental). One of the parents must take the leave immediately after the end of maternity leave. The other parent can take at any time up to the child's fifth birthday, but not at the same time as the other parent. Parental leave is paid by the Family Allowances Fund Office. The six months parental leave entitles the parent to a monthly allowance (reviewed annually, but corresponding approximately to the minimum legal salary). The employer must be informed in writing and is required to re-employ the worker in an equivalent position at the end of the parental leave.

Family Allowance

Following the birth a number of allowances are available:

  • Family allowance (allocations familiales): Monthly payment depending on the number of children in the family and their age. Family allowance may also be affected by disability.
  • Education allowance (allocation d'éducation): Monthly allowance paid from the end of the maternity leave if the parent decides to stop work completely to raise their child(ren). As of 1 June 2015 this is only available to those already granted the allowance.