Prenatal Care

Find out about prenatal care in Luxembourg...

There are five compulsory medical examinations and a dental check for pregnant women in Luxembourg. Women must undergo all these checks in order to receive maternity benefits. The first pre-natal health check must take place within the first three months of pregnancy.

During the first visit the gynaecologist will provide a maternity record book (carnet de maternité) and a form that will be used to claim pre-natal benefits (allocation prénatale). At each visit the doctor will sign, stamp and fill in the form. Once all the compulsory medical examinations have taken place, the form must be signed by the municipal office of her place of residence to prove that the woman is resident at the address indicated on the form. The form should then be sent to the Family Allowances Fund Office (Caisse nationale des prestations familiales - CNPF).

  • CNPF (in French)
    At: 34 avenue de la Porte Neuve, L-2227 Luxembourg
    Tel: 47 71 53 -1

Four main types of tests are carried out during the pregnancy to monitor the mother and the development of the baby. These are

  • Ultra-sound scan: This test enables the doctor to see the baby in utero and will be repeated three times or more during the pregnancy
  • Blood and urine tests: Samples will be taken at the first visit, then on a regular basis
  • Triple test (tri test): usually performed during the fifth month of the pregnancy to analyse the risks of foetal abnormalities
  • Amniocentesis: Non mandatory test for pregnant women aged 35 or over

Shortly before the due date the baby's heart rate is also monitored.

The Well Baby Clinic is a non-profit organisation providing support and practical guidance during pregnancy and after the birth, pre-natal and yoga classes and informal meetings for mums-to-be. English-speaking support is available in Luxembourg City, and in French, German or Luxembourgish in other parts of the country.