Registration of the Birth

Understand how to register the birth of a new child and whether a child born in Luxembourg is eligible for Luxembourg nationality...

The newborn must be registered at the Office de l'Etat Civil in the Commune where the baby is born within five days by a person present at the child's birth, usually the father. The following documents are required:

Married parents

  • Birth declaration (avis de naissance) established by the doctor or midwife
  • Wedding certificate or family booklet (livret de famille)
  • Proof of identity of the mother and the person declaring the birth

Unmarried parents

  • Birth declaration (avis de naissance) established by the doctor or midwife
  • Identity cards and birth certificates of both parents
  • If one of the parents is of Luxembourg nationality, a declaration stating the child's chosen name signed by both parents

Eight copies of the birth certificate (extrait de naissance) are provided. A copy must be sent to each of the following:

If applicable, copies may also be sent to;

If the place of birth is not in the same Commune as the residence of the parents, the birth must also be declared at the Municipal office of the commune of residence upon presentation of the birth certificate.

Name of the Child

One or more first names must be chosen. The surname can be one of the following:

  • The father's surname
  • The mother's surname
  • The father's surname followed by the mother's surname
  • The mother's surname followed by the father's surname

All children from the same couple must bear the same last name.


Children born in Luxembourg from two non-Luxembourg citizens keep their parents nationality. Under specific circumstances the Luxembourg nationality can be obtained.

Double nationality is possible as far as the parents national laws allow it as well.