The Birth

Information on the birthing options available in Luxembourg...

In Luxembourg-City two hospitals are specialised in obstetrics and gynaecology: the Maternité Grand Duchesse Charlotte, and the Clinique Privée Docteur Bohler. Both clinics allow visits prior to the birth. In other large towns, most hospitals have a maternity unit. Expectant mothers should register at the hospital or clinic beforehand.

Most women give birth in hospital. Home births (accouchement à domicile) are not common in Luxembourg. Home births costs are not reimbursed by the social security or health insurance.

Upon arrival at the hospital the following documents and information must be provided before the mother-to-be can be admitted:

  • Identity card
  • Health card (Carte de securité sociale)
  • Blood group card
  • Supplementary insurance documents (mutuelle), if applicable
  • Name of the selected paediatrician (mandatory)

Some Luxembourg maternity hospitals provide relaxation pools and inflatable balls. Following the birth it is normal to spend two to five days in hospital and longer after a caesarean. As well as the doctor and delivery nurses (who are trained midwives), a physiotherapist may assist the birth and in the weeks afterwards to ensure a proper body recovery after the birth.

The gynaecologist/obstetrician is usually present for the birth. The father can attend the birth except in some hospitals in the event of a caesarean.

Post Natal Care

The mother must undergo a medical check between two and ten weeks after the birth.

La Leche League provides information about breastfeeding as well as advice and support in English and several other languages.