Support Groups in Luxembourg

English-speaking support groups and meetings for AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), drug aid, cancer support meetings, AIDS and more...

Below find information on the various support organisations and helplines in Luxembourg. While some have English-speaking staff and volunteers, there is no guarantee that English will be spoken.

Alcohol/Drug Abuse

There are regular English-speaking Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon meetings in Luxembourg as well as meetings in French and Luxembourgish.

Narcotics Anonymous (Narcotiques Anonymes) provides support for people with drug dependency problems. French and Luxembourgish meetings take place every week. English is possible at the Luxembourgish-speaking meeting.

The members of Cocaine Anonymous seek to help others to recover from their addiction using the twelve Step Recovery program and welcome any person who desires to stop using cocaine and any other mind-altering substances. There are several weekly meetings in English.

HIV/AIDS Support

The Red Cross of Luxembourg (Croix-Rouge Luxembourgeoise) offers assistance through its HIV support team, HIV Berodung, to those diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. Counselling, legal advice, assistance with social security claims, temporary housing and other support is available.

Cancer Support

The Luxembourg Cancer Foundation (Fondation Cancer) works to prevent cancer, reduce the number of deaths from the disease and assist those living with cancer. The foundation offers free services to those living with cancer, including: support groups, psychological counselling, yoga, administrative advice, chemotherapy consultations for choosing wigs and personal-care products, and a network of volunteers who can provide companionship and support.

  • Fondation Cancer (in French and German)
    At:  209 route d'Arlon, L-1150 Luxembourg
    Tel: 45 30 33-1
    Fax: 45 30 33 33
    Open: Monday to Friday 08:00-17:00

The A Heart for Children With Cancer (Een Haerz fir Kriibskrank Kanner) is a non-profit organisation that provides support services for children living with cancer as well as their families. Support groups led by a psychologist are available for the children and general support services are available at all times. The organisation also provides administrative advice, transportation, fun activities for children and their families.

Children's Support

Helpline Kanner-Jugendtelefon provides support to children (and adults) who may need advice, have a problem, question or just want to talk to someone. Counsellors are available via the phone (note: the number will appear on phone bills), or completely anonymously online using a code name and number.

  • Kanner-Jugendtelefon
    Tel: 116 111
    Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 17:00-22:00, Tuesday, Thursday 14:00-22:00, and Saturday 14:00-20:00
    Online help is also available

BEE Secure helpline provides guidance on questions regarding cyber mobbing, how to secure the family computer, social medias, private life online and much more.

  • Tel: 8002 1234 from Monday to Friday 09:00-17:00
    Online help

Eating Disorders

Anorexics and Bulimics Anonymous (ABA) is a support group for people suffering from eating disorders. It provides a 12-step program for recovery for adults and children. Meetings take place every Friday from 18-30-20:00.

  • At: 100 rue de Hollerich, Luxembourg
    Tel: 621 27 61 64

Overeaters Anonymous (OA) is a support group for people who are unable to stop eating compulsively or have any other eating disorder. It provides a 12-step program of recovery for adults. No dues, fees or weigh-ins. Wednesdays at 18:30.

  • Overeaters Anonymous
    At: 100 rue de Hollerich, Luxembourg
    Tel: 661 23 00 21

Family Planning and Sexual Health

The Luxembourg Movement for Family Planning and Sex Education (Mouvement Luxembourgeois pour le Planning Familial et l'Education Sexuelle - MLPFES) provides information on contraception and works to educate the public about preventing sexual violence. They offer assistance with finding legal representation for victims of sexual assaults. They also offer self-defence courses and support groups for women who have been victims of sexual violence.

Family Support

The Association of Parents of People With Autism (Association des Parents de Personnes Atteintes d'Autisme de Luxembourg - APPAAL) works to promote early diagnosis, educational structure and support for children and adults with autism as well as their families.

Foundation Autisme Luxembourg promotes and defends the rights of persons with autism in Luxembourg.

Dyspel is a support group for families of dyslexic children in Luxembourg. Run by volunteers, the aim of the group is to raise awareness and support families in finding educational solutions for their child. Monthly support meetings are held where people of all nationalities can ask questions, find practical information and exchange experiences with other parents or professionals.

Passage is a support group and social network for the English speaking community in Luxembourg. Run voluntary by parents, the group is supported by practitioners experienced in the fields of education, health, and children's social development.

  • Passage
    At: 239 Val des Bon Malades, L-2121 Kirchberg,  Luxembourg

Women's Support

The La Leche League is an international breast-feeding counselling organisation that provides support to pregnant women and to new mothers to encourage breastfeeding. The organisation offers brochures, a helpline and support groups for nursing and expectant mothers.