Property Purchase Process

An overview of the steps involved in the house purchase process in Luxembourg...

The property purchase agreement (compromis de vente) is a legally binding contract and may be notarised. It is not mandatory, and is generally established to make sure neither the buyer nor seller withdraws from the sale. If the buyer and seller choose to sign a compromis, the following information should be included:
  • Details and identities of the buyer and seller
  • Full description of the property, with land registration number (registre cadastral) if possible
  • The surface area of the property and land
  • The purchase price with a breakdown of fees and who pays each fee
  • Details of the notary/notaries and sales agent
  • Details of any fixtures and fittings included in the sale
  • Mortgage information including the date when the buyer should obtain their mortgage offer and the date of completion. A clause is usually added to cancel the transaction if no mortgage can be obtained.
  • Any let out clauses (conditions/clauses suspensives) and the penalties incurred by the buyer or seller if completion doesn't take place


On the day the compromis de vente is signed, the buyer may be required to pay a deposit, although this is not very common. If this is the case, the amount should be paid into an escrow account held by a notary of the buyer's choice. The deposit is refundable if one of the let out clauses of the contract are not met, most commonly, this would be mortgage approval.

Completion day

The purchase must be completed by a duly appointed Luxembourg notary. Any remaining amount on the price has to be paid beforehand to the notary escrow account. The notary transfers the purchase price to the seller and pays agent's commission on presentation of an invoice. In general, if there are no problems and the buyer has been granted a mortgage, approximately four to eight weeks lapses between the signing of the compromis de vente and the completion date. The Official Portal for the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg offers advice on buying a property 

Further information

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