Mail and Postal Services

Understand the postal system in Luxembourg, with information about sending and receiving mail and other post office services...

Stamps are sold by the unit or in books of 10 or 20. For more intensive use, it is possible to buy stickers (Postocollants) sold by the 100. Standard letters of up to 50g are issued with either ‘L’ for Luxembourg or ‘E’ for Europe. The old ‘A’ and ‘A-Europe’ stamps, remain valid.

Stamps are available from post offices and most newsagents.

Some post offices have a self-service coin-operated machine which weighs letters and issues postage labels (vignettes d'affranchissement), which can be used instead of stamps. The machines may have English-language instructions.

Mail boxes

Mail boxes are yellow (a few red boxes are still in use).

Bulk mailing

Special prices are available for large volumes of mail: for example for 1,000 letters and any additional 1,000.

Personalised stamps

POST enables the creation of personalised stamps, for example with a company logo.

Sending mail and parcels

Specific rates apply for sending mail within Luxembourg, to the EU and Switzerland and for the rest of the world, depending on the weight and size of the letter.

Recorded delivery

A registered letter with receipt of delivery (Lettre Recommandée Avec Avis de Reception - AR) can be sent for letters. A confirmation receipt will be received by the sender. General delivery time is one to two days.

To send a registered letter, fill out the required forms at the post office. The postal clerk will attach the forms, minus a receipt for the sender (preuve de dépôt) to the envelope. Upon reception, the recipient will sign for it. The sender can choose to receive a receipt (avis de reception) confirming delivery. The cost depends on the size and weight of the sent item. Insurance is optional.

Sending parcels

Receiving parcels

Small packages are delivered. When absent or for larger parcels, a pickup notice is left in the mailbox indicating the address and opening hours of the post office where the parcel is being held. An identification card or passport is required to pick up the parcel.

Restrictions exist on some items (amongst others, alcohol, tobacco). Restrictions vary significantly depending on whether the goods are sent from an EU or non-EU country.

Receiving Mail: Post Office Services

The post office provides a number of services:

Mail forwarding

Post (including newspapers) can be forwarded to a new address for an annual fee. At least three days before leaving an address, request a change-of-address form to forward mail to the new address. There is a flat fee and a daily fee for this service.

Mail can be forwarded to a new address in Luxembourg for up to one year and to an address inside or outside of Luxembourg. It can also be forwarded on a temporary basis. To request mail forwarding it is necessary to provide:

  • proof of identity
  • proof of the old address and details of the new address

Mail holding service

The post office can hold mail (Garde du courrier) on a temporary basis (maximum two months) on request. The request and payment can be made in any post office and should be done at least two days before departure. It is advised to also suspend newspaper delivery during absences.

Unsolicited Mail

Stickers asking mail carriers and marketers to stop leaving junk mail can be placed on private mail boxes. These stickers stating "pas de publicite SVP" are available at every post office.


The Luxembourg Center post office provides a philatelic counter where specially trained staff welcomes collectors.

Letter Boxes

The recommended size for letter boxes is: length 26cm x height 26cm x depth 35cm. Minimum opening is 24cm x 3cm. Mail boxes should indicate the names and surnames of all the people living at that address.

Post Office Opening Hours

Post Offices in Luxembourg are generally open from 09:00-17:00 and closed at lunch time. The main post offices in Luxembourg maintain longer opening hours.

  • Luxembourg-Centre
    : 25 rue Aldringen, L-2019 Luxembourg
    Tel: 8002 8004
    Open: Monday to Friday from 07:00-18:00, Saturday from 09:00-17:00
  • Luxembourg-Gare (main railway station)
    At: 38 place de la Gare, L-1015 Luxembourg
    Tel: 8002 8004
    Open: Monday to Friday from 08:00-19:00, Saturday from 09:00-18:00
  • Find the nearest post office and opening hours

Post Office Banking Services

The Luxembourg Post Office also provides banking services for companies and private individuals.