Tenancy Obligations

Understand the rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords in Luxembourg...

The tenant

The tenant's obligations are as follows:

  • To pay the rent in full by the agreed date
  • To pay service charges: water, electricity, communal maintenance in an apartment
  • To use the property "appropriately"
  • To be responsible for any damage unless it is caused by the landlord, someone on the property uninvited or force majeure (circumstances outside of their control)

Unless agreed in the rental contract a tenant may not:

  • Use the property for commercial purposes
  • Sublet without written agreement from the landlord
  • Make any major changes to the property or structures without the landlord's consent

The landlord

The rental property must conform to a minimum standard. Although not defined by law, this means that the property should have suitable water and heating systems in working order. Any fixed elements of the property not in working order and not resulting from damage caused by the tenant must be repaired or replaced by the landlord.

Conflict Resolution

Conflicts between landlords and tenants must be submitted to the Justice of the Peace (Juge de Paix) at the Luxembourg Civil Tribunal.

Rent conflicts are resolved by a Rent Committee (commission des loyers). These exist in all towns of more than 6,000 inhabitants, or at a regional level for smaller towns. This committee can be consulted by both the landlord and the tenant with regards to any matters related to the amount of the rent or rental charges. There is no need for a lawyer to be involved. An expert may be required to visit the property and assess whether the rent is reasonable. A decision by the committee will be supplied within three months of any action and has to be signed by all parties involved.