Electricity and Home Appliances in Luxembourg

Information on the Luxembourgish domestic power available, wall socket plugs and voltage of kitchen and living room appliances...

Luxembourg's standard electricity supply is 220 volts AC with a frequency of 50 hertz. For other equipment, a transformer or adaptor is required unless the appliance has a multi-voltage option.

Plugs and Sockets

Luxembourg uses the standard European two-pin plug and socket. All sockets must be earthed. Fuses are not in individual sockets and plugs, but on the main electricity board. Adapters are available in airport shops and in most supermarkets and DIY stores.

Light Bulbs

Luxembourg uses standard screw-type fittings. Normal bulbs are progressively being phased out and replaced by low energy-consumption bulbs and LED lights.


The price of most appliances includes an environmental eco-tax, which is a contribution towards appliance recycling. When buying a new appliance, the store is obliged to take the previous item back for free, even if it is not in working order. The European Commission website has advice on energy efficient products