Shopping for the Home in Luxembourg

The chain stores that supply the basic furniture, home furnishings, white goods and electrical appliances and DIY for your home...

What follows is a small selection of basic self-service furniture, appliance and DIY hardware chain stores generally found in Luxembourg. There is no guarantee that anyone will speak English, but once you have found what you need, little more than basic French or German should be necessary for the transaction. Look in the [ailink] Directory| Directory[/ailink] or on the stores' own websites for the nearest branch.

Hypermarkets and Supermarkets

Aldi: German-owned discount supermarket with a selection of food and non-food products. Fresh and frozen produce, household cleaning products and own label items. Auchan: Large hypermarket, a division of Auchan France, offering own-branded products as well as more well-known brand names. Also sells a wide range of appliances. Cactus: The largest Luxembourg supermarket chain, this nation-wide chain offers own-branded items as well as fruit and vegetables, meat, bread, confectionery and textiles. Some stores also offer a wide range of gardening products. Colruyt: Supermarket with food and non-food products. Fresh and frozen produce, and household cleaning products. Cora: Two large supermarkets selling grocery, DYI, Hi-Fi, electronics, CDs,DVDs, white goods. Delhaize: Chain of supermarkets operating throughout the country. One of the branches in Luxembourg-City. Lidl: Discount supermarket with a selection of food and non-food products. Match: A large discount supermarket chain in Luxembourg, also includes Smatch, a division with smaller supermarkets nationwide. Products sold include textiles, frozen goods, fruit and vegetables, alcohol, bread and ready-made meals. Naturata: Small grocery market chain with all organic produce. Most supermarkets offer a loyalty card to their customers. Free plastic bags are no longer distributed; customers can usually buy reusable shopping bags that are replaced when they became damaged.

Furniture and Appliance Shops

HiFi International: Home entertainment and hi-fi specialists with a number of stores in Luxembourg. Products available include stereos, televisions, DVD players, MP3 players, PCs, cameras, mobile phones, video games and white goods. Cactus: This chain of hypermarkets also sells consumer electronic goods including audio and video accessories, MP3 players, CD players and white goods. There are no furniture store chains in Luxembourg, although there are a number of individual retailers. IKEA, has a store just over the border in Belgium selling a wide range of flat-packed furniture for self assembly. Habitat: Offers furniture for the entire home, soft furnishings, lighting and decorative items.

Building Material, Hardware and DIY

Batiself: DIY equipment, wood, household and garden tools, paints, varnishes and lighting. Cactus Hobbi: Large chain of hardware stores (subsidiaries of Cactus supermarkets) for all DIY tools and equipment, lawn mowers, lighting, plumbing equipment, wood, flooring and garden equipment. Hornbach: Large hardware store for home improvement supplies, including garden tools and equipment, building materials, wallpaper, tiles, paint, bathroom fittings, lighting, plumbing equipment, wood and flooring.

Office Supplies and Stationery

Burolux: Part of the Calipage group, the store sells a full range of office supplies, office furniture and stationery. Faber: Printing specialists. Products include letterhead paper, complimentary slips, business cards, labels, CDs, software, printers and printer paper. Linster Bureautique: Office supplies including office furniture, stationery, box-files, desk-top and lap-top computers, paper shredders and printers.