Getting a Telephone Connection

Find out how to call internationally, and how to get your new home connected to the landline telephone service in Luxembourg...

Handy Numbers
To call internationally from Luxembourg: Dial exit code followed by country code and number Exit code: 00 + country code + Tel no
To call internationally to Luxembourg: Dial entry code then Luxembourg number Entry code: 352 + Tel no
Ambulance/Fire Service Tel: 112
Police Tel: 113
Directory Enquiries Tel: 118 171
International Directory Enquiries Tel: 118 16

Telephone Numbers in Luxembourg

Mobile or cell phone numbers are commonly referred to as “GSM numbers” in Luxembourg. Company numbers in Luxembourg are often shown as four digits followed by a dash and a number, for example 1234-1. This is to indicate that the call will go through to a switchboard. To dial the company number therefore, just dial 12341. Telephone numbers shown as 1234-1234 indicate a company number with a direct extension to a particular person or department within the company.

Telephone Services

There are several telephone companies in Luxembourg, but to be connected to the land line network, an initial subscription must be taken with POST Luxembourg, the national Luxembourg telecommunications company. POST offer fixed and mobile telephone, Internet and television services for private individuals and small companies as well as medium and large businesses. Once a contract has been signed with POST, the customer is free to choose services from another provider. Packages are available for Internet and mobile telephone as well as land line services, and some companies provide packages incorporating all three.

How to get connected/disconnected

To get connected to the land line network, contact POST by telephone, or by filling in a connection request form online. If moving into a property that already has a land line the transfer date must be indicated on this form. Installation of a new telephone line can take up to five days.
  • Tel: 80 02 80 04
Subscribers must be over 18 and must provide a passport or identity card. It will be necessary to pay part of the connection costs in advance by credit or debit card, if applying for a line by telephone. Bills are then sent monthly and must be paid within two weeks from the billing date, usually by direct debit or bank transfer. To cancel a telephone line subscription, or if moving house, contact POST at least 15 days before the date on which the subscription is to end.

Other land line telephone service providers

In addition to POST the main service providers in Luxembourg are Tango and Orange, which also provide mobile phone and Internet services. To subscribe, visit one of the sales outlets or contact the customer service centre by telephone.

Public Telephones

Public telephones are found in most Post Offices, supermarkets, train or bus stations and close to major public buildings. Cards are available from any Post Office and most newsagents. Coin-operated public phones have been phased out, but there are still a few remaining.