Mobile Cellular Telephones

Find out how to get yourself a mobile cellular phone in Luxembourg...

There are several service providers for mobile telephones in Luxembourg. Each company offers a range of services and packages, and tariffs and conditions should be compared before entering into a contract. Some contracts include the full or partial cost of a handset (ranging from basic models to the latest iPhones and Blackberrys); SIM-only options are also available. International roaming (which allows a phone on a Luxembourgish contract to work outside the country) is available, but must be requested from the service provider and may cost extra. Some companies offer special prices for cross-border customers.
  • POST At: 2, rue Emile Bian, Luxembourg-Cloche d'Or, L-2999 Luxembourg Tel: 80 02 80 04
  • Tango Postal address: BP32, L-8005 Bertrange Tel: 80 07 77 77
  • Orange At: 8 rue des M√©rovingiens, L-8070 Bertrange Tel: 80 06 16 06
  • JOIN Experience At: 46 Place Guillaume II, L-1648 Luxembourg ville Tel: 6 71 00 90 09
  • Luxembourg Online                                                                                                              At: 3 Avenue de la Porte-Neuve, L-2227 Luxembourg Tel2799 0000
In order to obtain a mobile phone contract, go to the relevant shop and provide the following documents
  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of address (a utility bill or property rental contract)
  • Bank account details for direct debit
It may also be possible to subscribe online or by telephone. There is a choice of either a permanent contract at a fixed monthly rate, or a rechargeable/pay-as-you-go scheme. The rechargeable prepaid plan requires the user to purchase a SIM card, a small chip that is easily installed in the phone, and purchase credit which is used toward calls and text messages. When a SIM card is purchased, it comes with a phone number associated with it - when the SIM card is inserted into the phone, the phone is associated with the phone number. Additional credit can be purchased from affiliated phone stores or through the service provider website. To cancel a mobile telephone subscription, contact the appropriate service provider. It may not be possible to cancel until the time period of the initial contract has finished.

Lost or stolen mobile/cellular telephones

In the event of mobile phone loss or theft, contact the appropriate service provider below (websites in French):
POST Tel: 80 02 80 04 Website
Orange Tel: 80 06 16 06 From abroad Tel: +352 661 061 606 Website
Tango Tel: 80 07 77 77 From abroad Tel: +352 691 700 777 Website
JOIN Experience Tel: 6 71 00 90 09 Website