Recycling in Luxembourg

Find out how to recycle in Luxembourg. What you can and can't throw in the dustbin and how and where to dispose of household waste, toxic products, electronic equipment and garden waste...

Luxembourg has clear policies on recycling. Since 1998, companies must set up a procedure of collection of their packaging or contribute to Valorlux, a registered organisation for waste recycling. The green dot (Le point Vert) on packaging indicates that the company contributes financially to the national recycling scheme.

Waste Collection in Luxembourg

Each household in Luxembourg is provided, for a refundable fee, with at least one black bin for general waste. Blue bins are provided for paper. In more rural areas, a green bin is also provided for garden waste. Bins are available in different sizes. In addition, blue and green bags can be freely obtained from the local Town Hall for household packaging waste. Symbols displaying what can be included are printed on the bags. The bags are picked up every other week.

Glass can be disposed of in the containers situated around the country. However, Luxembourg still applies a system of glass bottle return policy. Price labels in supermarkets and shops usually indicate VC (Verre consigné) if this is the case. Bottles can be returned to any shop for a refund provided the shop sells the same product.

Most towns use a pay per use system for waste collection. Bins are equipped with either a bar-code sticker or a microchip. Waste charges are based on one of the following criteria or a combination of them:
  • number of times a bin is emptied
  • weight of the bin
Luxembourg City provides additional collections for an additional fee.

Collection days

In general, waste is collected once a week and once every two weeks depending on the type of bins, the area and the season. A collection dates calendar is available from the local Municipal Office and is also distributed once a year to all mail boxes.

  • Find collection dates (by street) for both bins and blue bags in Luxembourg City: Collection Calender
Waste bins must be left in the position indicated on the lid of the bin on the morning of the collection. Bins may not be left outside overnight.

Recycling Household Packaging

The company responsible for the organisation and the collection of household packaging waste in Luxembourg is Valorlux. Blue bags are distributed to households and collected once a fortnight. For newcomers to a town, blue and green bags and a guide on recycling can be obtained from the local Municipal Office. Products that can be recycled using the blue bag include plastic bottles, tins and cans. With the green bags you can also recycle plastic bags and plastic film Items not on the list such as certain packaging, yoghurt pots and plastic films can be disposed of at RE-box recycling stations. These stations are situated in the car parks of 15 super / hypermarkets. For a list of RE-box recycling stations

Recycling Centres

All municipalities (Communes) have a recycling park (parc de recyclage) where most items can be disposed of. There is usually a boutique where items in working order can be left and re-used by other citizens free of charge. Nearest recycling parks can be found by contacting the local commune. Details are also available on the Valorlux app.

Disposal of Dangerous Waste

Waste containing dangerous substances, for example paint, waste oil from vehicles and other toxic products can be disposed at a SuperDrecksKëscht®. These waste disposal centres also operate a mobile collection service four times a year, either at a specific place in a commune or at a person's home. This service is free of charge. Calendars with collection dates can be obtained from the local Municipal Office.

Large Items

Large items can be collected by Luxembourg City waste collection services (Service de collecte des objets encombrants) for a fee. This service is generally used for large furniture items such as sofas, beds, bathroom items, windows and shutters. The volume cannot exceed three cubic metres and may not include any of the following:
  • general waste
  • toxic products
  • liquids
  • electrical or oil heaters
  • commercial waste
  • items that can be recycled
  • wallpaper
  • garden waste
Note: this list is not comprehensive and it is recommended to enquire before booking. Appointments for collection are made by telephone.
  • Tel: 47 96 36 40 from 08:00-16:00

Plastic Bags

Free plastic bags in supermarkets are no longer available. A person may buy a recyclable bag from Valorlux, which can be exchanged when damaged.

Drugs, Medicines and Cosmetics

Expired drugs, medicines or cosmetics can be left at any pharmacy or at the nearest SuperDrecksKëscht®, free of charge.


All batteries, including those found in flash-lights, radios, remote controls, watches, cell phones, cordless phones, laptops, digital cameras and other portable devices can be taken to most newsagents, chemists or the local town hall.

Light Bulbs

Used bulbs cannot be disposed of in the general waste bin. They must be disposed of at a recycling centre.

Electric and Electronic Equipment

All shops selling electric and electronic equipment such as refrigerators, computers, dishwashers, televisions and hair-dryers are obliged to take back the old product from a customer who no longer wants it, when the customer is buying a replacement. These white goods may also be taken to a waste collection centre (déchetterie or a SuperDrecksKëscht®).


Tyres may not be disposed of at a waste collection site. They must be taken to a garage, which is required by law to take them back free of charge.

Garden Waste

Garden waste such as leaves, branch and hedge cuttings and grass cuttings can be taken to SuperKompostKëscht collection centres situated in most municipalities.

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