Television in Luxembourg

Get to grips with TV standards in Luxembourg, and the different cable and digital TV options...

Luxembourg switched to an all-digital broadcasting system in 2008. The television standard in use in Luxembourg is DVB-T. Most countries in the world have either switched over, are switching over, or plan to switch over from analogue TV broadcasting to digital TV broadcasting. Before the advent of digital broadcasting, the main three standards were:
  • NTSC: the USA, Canada, Japan
  • PAL: most of Western Europe, Australasia and South Africa
  • SECAM: France, Africa and Eastern Europe
Today, the main digital standards are:
  • DVB-T: most of the world, including Europe, southern Africa, Australia and southern Asia
  • ATSC: the USA, Canada, Mexico and South Korea
  • ISDB-T: most of South America
  • DTMB: China
The systems are not compatible, so a television produced for one system will not work on another. Digital set-top boxes are available for people still using analogue TVs. However, these only work within one set of standards, so an analogue set brought into another region may still not work with a set-top box. All new TV sets now sold in Luxembourg are digital and conform to HD standards. Some TV sets are also compatible for 3D movies.

Luxembourg Television and Radio

RTL is the biggest private pan-European television and radio broadcaster, based in Luxembourg. It provides several French and German language TV channels, as well as a Luxembourgish-language channel. RTL has programming and news in Luxembourgish. Some programmes are bilingual; with some comments or interviews in French, German and sometimes in English. The official Portal of the Duchy of Luxembourg has more information on Television services

Television Licence Fees

There is no public television and therefore no licence fee in Luxembourg.

Cable and Digital Television

Most Luxembourg households are connected to cable TV, with over 80 television and 40 radio channels available in French, German, English, Italian, Portuguese and other languages. English-language TV channels include BBC World, CNBC and Eurosport. The major cable companies in Luxembourg are: Some Communes have an agreement with the cable operator; in this case the subscription procedure varies depending on whether the invoicing is carried out by the Commune or the company itself. Subscription can be organised online, by telephone or at one of the company's sales outlets. The cable TV fee is sometimes referred to as “antenne collective”.

Satellite TV

A large majority of households are connected to cable TV, although satellite TV is now widely used among the expatriate community. It is possible to have a satellite dish installed with the permission of the landlord in rented accommodation.