Domestic Water Supplies in Luxembourg

Understanding the water supply system in Luxembourg and the different providers involved...

Water is generally provided by the Service des Eaux of the Commune. The country's water supply is safe to drink and is treated and subject to strict quality controls by SEBES. However, in some areas of the country, the water supply is subcontracted to a private supplier. To get connected go to the local office of the Service des Eaux, at the Town Hall/municipality office of the place of residence.
  • Services des Eaux Luxembourg-City Tel: 47 96 28 83 email
For a connection or disconnection contact the appropriate supplier at least a week before moving. To find a local Commune


In Luxembourg-City, bills are sent by the Ville de Luxembourg services and the fee due is based on the projected yearly water use for the current year. Payment can be made by direct debit (domiciliation) or bank transfer (virement). For further information or to make notification of a change invoicing details, contact: