English-language Movies in Luxembourg

Information on where and how to find full listings of what's on at the movies today, and in the near future. Where to find out what's showing in Luxembourg and how to book your seat at the cinema...

Many cinemas in Luxembourg have multiple theatres each showing a different film. Utopolis is the largest chain in Luxembourg with multi-screen complexes showing mainstream movies. Utopolis Belval in Esch-Belval offers the largest theatre of the country with the latest technology. There are also many smaller cinemas in other towns and large complexes in neighbouring countries, all within reasonable driving time.

All cinemas in Luxembourg show foreign-language movies. Most movies are showed in original version with French and Dutch or German subtitles. These may also be dubbed into French or German and showed in different theatres.

In most cases cinema listings will indicate how a foreign-language film will be screened:

  • VO st. FR: Original version with French subtitles
  • VO st. FR & NL: Original version with French and Dutch subtitles
  • VO st. All: Original version with German subtitles

Occasionally, when there are many screenings in the same day, cinema listings may indicate foreign-language films in the following manner:

  • Version française: Either original version in French or dubbed in French
  • Deutsche Fassung: Either original version in German or dubbed in German
  • Luxemburgishe Fassung: Original version in Luxembourgish

Find out more about a particular film and its original language with the Internet Movie Database.

English-Language Movies Now On

To find out what's showing in VO today and later this week, see the Angloinfo Cinema Guide (updated weekly on Wednesdays).

Cinenews has an overview of current and forthcoming films in Luxembourg cinemas and allows a search in English by cinema, film, genre and films for children.

Cinema programmes are also listed in the newspapers Tageblatt and the Luxembourg Wort (in German) and l'Essentiel (in French).

Online Bookings

Many cinemas in Luxembourg allow online bookings after registration on the Utopolis website

Ladies nights and buddies nights

Some screenings are marked Ladies or Bunnies only. In this case, only ladies or male are accepted. Ladies nights are usually Avant-Premiere and additional gifts and a cocktail party are part of the entrance fee.

2D and 3D

Some movies may be showed in 2D or 3D. This is indicated on the programmes and on the screens at the cash desk. A small additional fee is usually charged for 3D movies.

Orange Wednesdays

Orange customers are entitled to an additional free ticket on Wednesdays at Utopolis and Utopia cinemas. A booking must be made by SMS (without seat guarantee). The corresponding code, also received by SMS, must be showed to the cashier.


Cinémathèque de Luxembourg offers a selection of older and recent movies, all in original version, usually based on a theme. During the summer months, an open-air movie is offered each Friday and Saturday night in the courtyard of the Théâtre des Capucins.