English-language Media

A world of information - in English. The international English-language print and broadcast media that is available to you if you live in Luxembourg...

Magazines and Newspapers

City Magazine Luxembourg is a free bilingual (French/English) monthly newspaper issued by Luxembourg City. It is available in various stores, tourist offices and bars or by subscription.

Delano is a monthly magazine featuring business and local news for the international community in Luxembourg. Available at newsstands, by subscription, or online.

Online media in English for Luxembourg

  • Wort.lu: Luxembourg and international news
  • Delano: Business and local news as well as articles on lifestyle and culture
  • Lux Live: Local and community news blog
  • Chronicle.lu: Luxembourg, international, business and community news
  • Clew: Online magazine for expat women in Luxembourg
  • EIN News: Luxembourg news in English

International newspapers in Luxembourg

Foreign newspapers and magazines are available at most newsagents, sometimes on the day following issue. Most major publications are available online as well as in print. For a more portable digital version, apps like the Mail Plus App from the UK's Daily Mail Group allow the latest news to be read on a phone or tablet, often for a much less than the cost of a subscription.


Ara City Radio (102.9 and 105.2 FM) broadcasts in English on the alternative-music Radio Ara network. The station plays a wide variety of music and provides English-language news on air and on the station website. The DJs choose their own playlists and therefore a very broad variety of music is broadcast. Streaming broadcasts are also available from the Ara City Radio website.

BBC World Service can be received on digital FM 90.2 and Satellite Hot Bird 6-13º East.

The main BBC stations and other English-language radio can also be received via many satellite TV installations or over the Internet. Previously broadcast programmes can often be listened to again or downloaded.

Voice of America is also available on shortwave.

Radio on the Internet: English-language stations online

Radio stations often stream their broadcasts on the Internet.


In order to watch English-language, free-to-air programmes (unscrambled) such as BBC, CNBC Europe, CNN International, Euronews, MTV, Travel and Skynews, a satellite reception system capable of picking up the Astra-1 satellite cluster is necessary.

More channels are available via a HotBird system available on the HotBird satellite cluster at 13.0º East.

The free-to-air English-language TV channels included in HotBird are the following:

ITV, BBC One and BBC Two programmes are available with the Astra 2 system. These and all the other free-to-air channels can be received by any standard digital satellite receiver and large (90cm+) satellite dish.

Internet television tuners

Holersoft is an Internet television tuner that allows users to see over 1,800 online TV stations from around the world. The television channels are streamed through the Internet connection, without need for a PC TV card. It is advisable to use a high-speed Internet connection. A free, trial version can be downloaded.

Sopcast is a free, streaming, direct broadcast system based on P2P which allows users to watch international TV programmes online.

Ahusoft provides international live television channels and online radio stations. A free, trial version (and the option to buy) are available on the Ahusoft website.

International News Links

Angloinfo delivers an extensive English-language news service, drawn from resources around the world.

In addition, international online news can be viewed via the following websites:

Many newspapers are also available online:






New Zealand

South Africa