Smoking Bans and Restrictions in Luxembourg

Details of the restriction to smoking in public places in Luxembourg...

In June 2003 Luxembourg signed up to the World Health Organisation (WHO) international "health treaty" against tobacco. This was ratified in Luxembourg in 2005, and in September 2006 further smoking restrictions came into effect. On 1 January 2014 the law was modified to include additional bans. The primary objective of these bans is to limit non-smokers' exposure to passive smoking in public or communal places. Not respecting the ban may result in a fine.

General Rules

  • It is forbidden to sell tobacco to anyone under the age of 16
  • It is forbidden to smoke in any public places
  • All cigarette advertising and sponsorships promoting tobacco and related products is prohibited

It is forbidden to smoke in the following places:

  • Medical facilities: In hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities, including outdoor grounds and waiting rooms
  • Retirement homes
  • Pharmacies/chemists
  • Schools and children's area: Anywhere on the property - indoors and outdoor grounds - of schools, colleges and universities and in all places designed to accommodate people under 16 years
  • Sports venues: Indoor sport facilities
  • Cultural and leisure venues: In all venues such as museums, art galleries and libraries. In cinemas, theatres and other places of entertainment.
  • Administrative buildings: In state and public institutions halls and buildings (places such as city halls, post offices, stations and airports)
  • Public transport: On any public transport (trains, buses, planes)
  • Restaurants, pastry shops and bakeries except in areas separated for this purpose and adhering to the regulations of the Ministry of Health
  • Cafés, pubs, bars, brasseries and nightclubs
  • Shops: In shopping malls and exhibition halls open to the public and in stores where foods are sold
  • Hotels: In the public spaces of the hotel
  • More information on the smoking ban

Smoking in the workplace

The law related to smoking in the workplace is strict, prohibiting smoking inside all buildings in state, municipalities and public institutions (public servants may not smoke in the workplace).

In the private sector, the law prescribes that the employer must ensure the protection of workers' physical and mental health, including taking the necessary measures to protect workers effectively against passive smoke. As a result, almost all offices are non-smoking; some businesses provide a designated smoking area or room.

Stop Smoking Help

There are several organisations helping smokers to quit. In some instances and under some conditions, the cost of prescriptions required to stop smoking are reimbursed by Social Security up to a fixed limit; a personal doctor can provide further information and forms for application.

  • Tabac-Stop: a service of Luxembourg Foundation Against Cancer
    Tel: 45 30 33-1

Further Information

  • The law from the Journal Officiel du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg (PDF in French)