Golf in Luxembourg

Information for the golfer on golfing in Luxembourg: the Golf Federation, the requirements to play, how to obtain a licence and French golfing terms...

The Luxembourg Golf Federation

Golf in Luxembourg is popular, with over 4,000 fully licenced members. Luxembourg has six golf courses affiliated to the Luxembourg Golf Federation (Fédération Luxembourgeoise de Golf - FLG) open to visiting golfers and new members.

The FLG organises several competitions every year, mostly during the summer months. The six golf courses are privately owned and some may have a waiting list to join or require sponsorship by existing members. Non-members pay a green fee, and need to show either a handicap certificate or a golf licence from abroad until they are accepted as a member.

Handicap Rules

Luxembourg follows the rules set by the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of Saint Andrews. It is affiliated to the European Golf Association (EGA) and to the WAGC (World Amateur Golf Council).

Obtaining a Golf Licence in Luxembourg

In order to qualify for a golf licence in Luxembourg, players must join one of the six clubs affiliated to the Luxembourg Golf Federation. Holders of an EGA or USGA handicap from another country can apply for an FLG licence once they have joined a club and will need to provide a list of competitions that they have played in their previous club. This licence card is used as a handicap card.

New players need to pass an exam in order to qualify for a carte verte (green card). This includes:

  • a written test on golf etiquette and golf rules
  • a practical test to determine the player's golfing abilities

Players who have had a handicap which has lapsed, must contact their chosen golf course to have their skills assessed for a provisional handicap.


The licence includes two insurances provided by the FLG:

  • Civil responsibility insurance
  • Accident insurance

Players who do not have a licence but a have handicap certificate must check that their travel or home insurance covers them for playing golf in Luxembourg.

Medical Certificates

A medical certificate is not required in order to play golf in Luxembourg

Useful Vocabulary for Golf

English French
backswing prise d’elan / montée
driving range terrain d’exercice / practice
Fore! Balle! (pronounce as "shall")
golf ball balle de golf
golf course terrain / parcours de golf
green fee droit de jeu / green fee
hole trou
iron fer
practice terrain d’entrainement/practice
score card carte de scores
water hazard obstacle d’eau
wood bois

Note: Many English golf terms are the same in French, for example: bunker, green, divot, handicap, fairway, putter, driver.