Sailing and Watersports in Luxembourg

Information on the rules on boat licences and sailing permits, with details of the sailing areas in Luxembourg and links to local sailing associations. Also information on the watersports available on Luxembourg's inland waters...

Emergency Numbers and Weather Forecasts

Police Tel: 113
Medical Help/Ambulance/Fire Brigade Tel: 112
Weather Forecast Website

It is important to check weather reports before setting out to sail, going boating or practicing any other watersports as weather conditions can change rapidly.

Sailing Areas

There are only four rivers in Luxembourg where it is possible to go sailing; the Moselle, the Sûre, the Our and the Alzette. Sailing is also possible on the Lac de la Haute Sûre, near Wiltz in the north of the country and on Lac Echternach. There is one commercial port in Mertert, mostly used by the steel industry.

Sailing (without a motor) is only allowed on the Upper-Sûre reservoir and on Lake Echternach. Pleasure boating, with or without a motor, is allowed on the Moselle River without a permit as long as the boat's speed does not exceed 30 Km/h.

Motor boats can be moored at:

  • Port de Plaisance - Schwebsange
    : 23 66 44 60
  • CNW - Wasserbillig
    : 74 82 69 or 621 276 325

Ramps for launching boats are available at Schwebsange, Bech-Kleinmacher, Ehnen and Grevenmacher.

Sailing and Boating Permits

Sailing permits for inland waters (Permis fluvial, eaux intérieures) are available for jet skis and for motor and sailing boats measuring up to 20m. The permit can be obtained from the Motor Yacht Club Luxembourg and involves both theory and practical tests. The minimum age to obtain the permit is 16 years. Lessons can be in French and Luxembourgish, but exams are held in French or German.

To apply for an inland waters permit the following documents are required

  • Permit application form.
  • Medical certificate, which must be no more than six months old on the date of the exam
  • Extrait de Casier Judiciaire, less than six months old on the date of the exam
  • Recent photo
  • Tax stamps (Timbres de chancellerie)
  • Practical tests certificates

Sailing Clubs

The Fédération Luxembourgeoise de Voile organises sailing courses and regattas and can provide information and contact details on the different sailing clubs in Luxembourg. To become a member of the Federation, a medical certificate is required from an approved medical centre as well as a photo and payment of a fee.

Water Sports in Luxembourg

Water Skiing

Water-skiing is allowed on the Moselle during daytime in the sections of the river marked "SKI" and on the Rosport Reservoir from 30 April to 31 October.

Canoe and Kayak

The four main Luxembourg rivers can be used for canoe or kayak during the whole year provided the level of water is sufficient. No permit is required and boats don't need to be registered if they measure less than 5.5m and weigh less than 40 kg.


Windsurfing can be practiced on the Moselle River in Remerschen, and on the Echternach, Weiswampach and Haute-Sûre lakes.