Bills and Payments

Find out how to pay your bills in Luxembourg...

There are a number of ways of paying bills in Luxembourg, and it is possible to pay some bills at an ATM. Most utility bills are paid by direct debit (domiliciation bancaire). There is usually a small discount when payment is made via direct debit.

Standing orders (ordre permanent) can be set up for fixed, regular payments, for example rent.

Other payments are generally made by money transfer (virement). Bills in Luxembourg are often accompanied by an orange slip which has the name and account number of the payee as well as the amount due and a payment form. This form is filled in with the account number (IBAN) and signed, then sent to the bank (not to the payee).

Electronic payments are fairly common and may be made using the banking terminals in the majority of banks. The payer needs to know the IBAN and the BIC or SWIFT numbers of the payee. Invoices issued in Luxembourg must display this information.