Using a Luxembourg Bank Account

Find out about the products and services available from banks in Luxembourg, plus bank opening times...

Most banks are open Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 16:30, and some banks are open on Saturdays. Some smaller branches may close at lunchtime, often between 12:30 and 14:00.


Cheques are only used in certain types of transaction, for example for property transactions a certified bank cheque is issued. Banks never deliver or provide cheque books to individuals. Foreign cheques are not accepted as payment in local shops.

Debit cards

Payments in Luxembourg are often made with a debit card known as V PAY. This card is issued when opening a bank account and allows use of the bank's ATMs for a range of transactions. Some banks charge for withdrawals made from other ATM networks.

A debit card can be obtained provided the customer can justify their income in Luxembourg or, for newcomers, an employment contract is required. Otherwise, obtaining any debit or credit card will be subject to leaving a lump sum into an escrow account.

Credit cards

Credit cards are used widely in Luxembourg. Both Visa and Mastercard are available through all banks, American Express cards are available in some banks or through their website. Statements are sent out on a monthly basis. Customers can choose to pay the full balance paid at the end of the month, or a percentage of the outstanding balance on a monthly basis.

Bank statements

Bank statements are sent on a monthly basis, or more often if required. Each transaction is printed on a separate sheet of paper. Post office account holders receive a statement on a daily basis, provided at least one transaction is made. Most banks allow the customer to choose to receive their statements in French, German or English. Customers not wishing to receive a bank statement by post can ask the bank to keep their statements at their branch.

Post Office Accounts

The POST offers full banking services and longer opening hours than other banks.

Postal account statements are issued on a daily basis at no extra charge, provided that at least one transaction has been carried out.

Lost or Stolen Bank Cards

Any loss or theft should be reported immediately to the card company and a formal police report should also be filed.

International Money Transfers

All banks transfer money overseas in the customers chosen currency. International payments may include transaction charges.