Becoming a Luxembourg Citizen

Information on how to get Luxembourg nationality, to allow the same legal rights as a Luxembourger by birth…

Becoming a Luxembourg national enables residents to have the same civil and political rights as a Luxembourger by birth. In addition, Luxembourg citizens have access to a few positions that are not open to EU or non-EU nationals. Foreigners wishing to take on full Luxembourg citizenship now have to comply with the following conditions:
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Prove residence in Luxembourg for a minimum of five consecutive years
  • Show sufficient knowledge of at least one of the three official languages of Luxembourg
  • Pass an evaluation test in spoken Luxembourgish
  • Follow citizenship courses (no exam taken)
  • Provide sufficient guarantees of good repute
The Guichet website has up to date details on acquiring Luxembourg nationality Note: Dual nationality has been allowed since 2009, for persons whose country of origin recognises it. Embassies and consulates can provide information on laws regarding dual nationalities for different countries.
  • More information on dual nationality (in French)
  • Infoline Nationality Tel: 8002 1000

Citizenship by birth

In general, the children of Luxembourg citizens are classed as Luxembourg nationals – wherever in the world they are born. Children born in Luxembourg to non-Luxembourg parents can also claim Luxembourg nationality provided that at least one of their parents was also born in Luxembourg. A child adopted by a Luxembourg citizen is also entitled to full citizenship.

Further Information