The Licence Points System

Understand how the licence penalty points system works...

Luxembourg operates a penalty points system. Each driver (including drivers with foreign-issued driving licences) starts with an allocation of 12 points. The points are removed from this balance for infractions committed. If all points are lost, the licence is suspended for a 12-month period.

The most common offences include:

  • 1 point: not wearing a safety belt
  • 2 points: driving slightly over the speed limit, not observing a stop sign
  • 4 points: driving without a valid licence, without insurance or driving over the alcohol limit or speed limit
  • 6 points: accident involving the death of a person
  • A full list of infractions (in French)

To recover points

  • Drivers must not commit any infraction for a period of three years starting from the last offence, in which case all points may be recovered
  • Drivers may follow a one-day course at the official driving centre in Colmar-Berg and recover three points (only possible once every three years)
  • Drivers may follow a five-day course at the official driving centre in Colmar-Berg if the driving licence has been suspended

The Colmar-Berg driver training centre, Centre de Formation pour Conducteurs (CFC), has further details in English:

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