Parking in Luxembourg City

Information on parking in Luxembourg; parking zones, resident's parking permits, the Call2Park™ system and Park and Ride...

Below is information on the different parking zones in the city of Luxembourg, the park and ride system, Call2Park™ - the service that allows drivers to pay for parking by SMS, the resident's parking permit and parking for the disabled.

Parking Zones in Luxembourg

There are four zones for parking in Luxembourg, with different hourly tariffs:

  • White: Parking is allowed for 30 minutes
  • Orange: Parking is allowed for a maximum of 2 hours
  • Yellow: Parking is allowed for 3-5 hours on the road and 5-10 hours in a car park
  • Green: Parking is allowed for a maximum of 5 hours
  • Purple: Parking is allowed for a maximum of 10 hours

In the white and the orange zone, parking is free from 18:00-08:00 and on Sundays and public holidays. In the other parking zones, parking is free from 18:00-08:00 and on Saturday, Sundays and public holidays, however, there may be exceptions in some areas of the city.

Special free of charge parking areas can be found throughout the city for motorbikes, mopeds and bicycles.

Illegal parking may lead to a fine, or the vehicle may be towed away. Parking fines can be paid by bank transfer, at Police stations or at post offices.

Paying for Parking in Luxembourg

Payment for most parking spaces can be made with coins, Visa Card or by using the Call2Park™ service.


Parking spaces can be paid for by text message or mobile telephone in some areas of Luxembourg. These areas are clearly signposted. To use the Call2Park™ service, an initial registration is required with the person's contact details, Luxembourg mobile telephone number, car registration number and credit card number. Following registration, the person receives a badge (vignette) which will need to be clearly displayed on the windscreen.

Once a parking space has been found send a text message to 62345 or call 900 62345. When leaving the parking space send another text or call the same number. The fee will be calculated by the minute and debited from the person's bank account.

Park and Ride

Luxembourg operates a P+R system (Park and Ride). Car parks are situated outside of the city with a regular and frequent bus shuttle from the car parks to the town centre. The fee for the car park is included in the bus fare.

Free P+R around Luxembourg City include:

  • P+R Bouillon
  • P+R Kockelscheuer
  • P+R Luxembourg-Sud
  • P+R Kirchberg
  • P+R Beggen

Booklets with ten bus tickets and monthly passes can be bought at a discounted price. Buses run at frequent intervals.

Parking Permits

In residential areas, a parking permit (vignette de stationnement) can be issued to residents allowing them to park their car in their neighbourhood for an unlimited period of time. The neighbourhood is clearly indicated on the card and on road signs and is usually two characters (for example GA means Gare). The first permit is free of charge, a fee is charged for other permits up to a maximum of three per individual.

There are three types of vignettes:

  • Annual permit, valid 12 months
  • Temporary permit for visitors (vignette visiteur), valid for a maximum of three months per year
  • Temporary permit valid 20 days

Applications for parking permits can be made online (in French or German), or by fax, post or email at the following address:

  • Service de la Circulation
    : 98, rue Auguste Charles, L-1326 Luxembourg
    Tel: 47 96 23 12
    Fax: 48 92 48

The parking permit will be issued immediately by the office. Applications by post, fax or email are usually delivered within two weeks.

The following documents are required when applying for a resident's parking permit:

  • Copy of the vehicle registration document (carte grise)
  • Identity number (No Matricule) that figures on the social security card (carte de légitimation de la Sécurité Sociale)
  • Company cars: a certificate from the company giving the driver permission to drive the car and/or copy of the lease contract

The vignette has to be clearly displayed on the bottom right corner of the windscreen.

When moving house the vignette should be returned to the address indicated on the back of the card for a pro-rata refund.


Only holders of a vignette de stationnement are entitled to a carte-horloge. This card entitles the user to two hours free of charge parking in any designated area.

Parking for the Disabled

Parking spaces for disabled drivers, holders of a blue badge, are clearly indicated with a wheelchair symbol. The blue badge is a standardised European Community disabled person's parking permit. A parking permit issued in any complying EU country is valid in another EU country.

Applications for a disabled person's parking permit (carte de stationnement pour personnes handicapés) for residents of Luxembourg can be made with the Ministry of Transport. The permit is valid for five years maximum and must be renewed at least 30 days before it expires.