Public Transport in Luxembourg

Information on train, tram, metro, bus and coach services to, from and around Luxembourg...

In general, residents of Luxembourg are well served by public transport. Within the main cities, public transport is a good means of getting around and there are domestic rail and coach services linking towns across the country. Luxembourg's central location in Europe means that there are excellent rail and road connections to neighbouring capital cities and beyond.

Public Transport in Luxembourg City

Luxembourg City is linked to all localities within the country by an excellent public transport network. A bus/train combination ticket (Billet réseau) offers unlimited travel on all forms of public transport and is valid throughout the country. A project to reintroduce Trams to Luxembourg City is currently underway and due to be completed by 2010/21. Trams will connect the southern part of Luxembourg City to Findel International Airport. Mlive is an online service which allows users to see the exact location of of trains and buses in order to assist journey planning. Public transport is free of charge with the tourist pass LuxembourgCard on the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg transport network.