Luxembourg City Buses

Details and contact information on the city bus transport system, with information on travel cards, bus passes and night buses...

Bus services in Luxembourg are run by the Autobus de la Ville de Luxembourg - AVL.

Buses run from 06:00 to approximately 24:00, depending on the service. Each bus stop has timetables and maps covering the entire Luxembourg network.

  • Information on itineraries (in French)
  • Tel: 47 96 29 75, Monday to Friday from 07:00-19:00, Saturday 07:30-14:00
  • To receive a bus schedule, text the number or name of the bus stop to 661 104 105
  • The HotCity application allows smartphones to access timetables
  • Mobilitéit provides an overview of the public transport services in Luxembourg

Bus Tickets and Fares

It is illegal to travel without a ticket. Anyone caught without a valid ticket will have to buy one and pay a fine.

Bus tickets can be bought at vending machines, most newsagents and post offices and at main stops or from the bus driver; these tickets are valid for two hours. Monthly bus passes can be purchased at all points de vente and at the station (Gare).

  • Gare
    : 24 65 24 65
    Open: Monday to Friday from 06:00-21:00, week-end and public holidays from 08:00-20:00

Weekly, monthly or annual travel cards, and weekend passes or booklets with five or ten tickets can be purchased.

Children under the age of 12, resident in Luxembourg, are entitled to free travel on bus lines when accompanied by an adult. School bus transport is free of charge.

Those with reduced mobility are eligible for free travel if they have a disabled person's card (carte d'invalidité).


The mKaart is an electronic card that can be used to pay most public transport fares. A number of bus tickets within the same category can be bought in advance and charged onto the card. The card is available from the main bus and rail stations and is rechargeable.

  • Learn more about how the mKaart works (PDF in French and German)
  • Ville de Luxembourg provides detailed information about mKaart (in French)


Bus tickets may also be purchased by mobile telephone via the service SMS4TICKET®. Registration beforehand is not required.

To use the service, send a text message to 64222 stating the type of ticket required. A text message will be received confirming the purchase of the ticket; show this to the bus driver on request. The bus fare is invoiced on the next mobile phone bill. Currently only "A" tickets are available by SMS. They can be used for two hours on the entire public transport network in the Grand-Duchy.


The JobKaart is frequently offered by employers as an incentive to use public transport. The JobKaart is paid for by the employer. The use of the card is not restricted to professional use. It can also be used for private travel.

  • Further information about JobKaart (in French)

Night Buses

A number of night buses serve the city of Luxembourg and nearby communes. The City and Late Night Buses operate on Fridays and Saturdays and are free of charge. 

The Night Rider operates on Friday and Saturday nights between 18:00 and 05:00. The service allows the passenger to go to the place of their choice. It is advisable to book in advance. The price is based on the distance, regardless of the number of people (8 max) using the service on the same journey.

  • Tel: 90 07 10 10 from Monday to Thursday 08:00-18:00 or Friday and Saturday from 08:00-17:00
  • Further information or book online

City Shopping Bus

The City Shopping Bus is a free bus service, leaving every ten minutes from the Glacis car park to the city centre.

  • Mondays from 13:30-18:30
  • Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 10:30-18:30
  • Wednesdays and Saturdays (market days) from 08:30-18:30

Bus Services for the Disabled

Call-a-Bus is a service available on request. Drivers are qualified to help users to get on or off the bus and provide door-to-door for a fixed fee. The Call-a-Bus operates during the following hours:

  • Monday to Sunday from 07:00-24:00

Buses are reserved by calling at least 45 minutes before the desired departure time.

  • Tel: 47 96 47 97

Lost and Found

Found items should be handed into the bus driver. Lost items are handed to the police:

Travelling with Animals

Pets travel for free.