National and International Bus Services

Details and contact information on the national and cross-border bus transport system, as well as the shuttles serving the airport...

National Bus Services

The RGTR (Régime général des transports routiers) public transport network covers most of the country. TICE (Syndicat des Tramways Intercommunaux du Canton d'Esch-sur-Alzette) covers the region of Terres Rouges in the south west. City-Bus serves a number of different communes. Le Bummelbus is a door-to-door service operating in 40 communes in the northern part of Luxembourg. It should be booked one day in advance.
  • Tel: 26 80 35 80, Monday to Friday 08:00-18:00
  • Information about tickets and prices (in French)

Cross Border Travelling

A number of buses and trains are available for travel between Luxembourg, France, Belgium and Germany. DeLux Express and Flixbus operate a long distance bus service between Luxembourg and Frankfurt and Berlin.

Airport Shuttle Buses

Flibco operates daily shuttles to the Luxembourg, Charleroi, Frankfurt Hahn and Frankfurt Main airports, and between the main towns of the region. EUROBUS operates between Luxembourg, Kirchberg, the city centre and the train station with bus 16. Bus 9 and bus 114 also serve the airport. Trèves Airportliner provides a shuttle service between Luxembourg airport and Trèves. The official portal of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has more information on the public transport network