Buying and Selling a New or Used Car in Luxembourg

Information on the paperwork and process involved whether buying a car from a dealership or a second hand car through a classified advertisement...

New cars in Luxembourg are bought from dealerships unless they are imported. The registration process for cars bought from a Luxembourg dealership is carried out by the car dealer. The buyer has to provide the following documents:

  • The name and address of the buyer's Luxembourg registered insurance company
  • The buyer's certificate of residence (certificat de résidence) issued within the last month at the buyer's local Municipal Office (Commune)

Buying/Selling a Used Car in Luxembourg

Used cars in Luxembourg can be bought from a dealership or from a private individual. Car advertisements can be found in national and local newspapers as well as on notice boards in shops and supermarkets.

There are a number of Internet sites that can be useful in both buying and selling used cars in Luxembourg. The most popular ones are:

When buying a used car from a private individual both parties should complete a contract of sale. The contract should include the following details and can be used as proof of transaction when registering the vehicle:

  • Name and address of both the buyer and the seller
  • Identification of the vehicle (make, model, chassis number, number of kilometres)
  • The condition of the vehicle and any apparent defects
  • Sale price
  • Signature of both parties

A sample contract can be downloaded in English, French or German from the Luxembourg Automobile Club website.

The Luxembourg Automobile Club (Automobile Club du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg - ACL) provides a fee-paying service for people wishing to sell their car. This provides the buyer with a guarantee that the car has been checked recently by the ACL. To use the service, the seller should make an appointment with the ACL-Diagnostic Center by telephone or email:

The ACL website has a list of recommendations for buyers of secondhand cars, this includes details of things to look out for when buying or test driving a used car:

Roadworthiness tests (contrôle technique)

A used car should be sold with a valid contrôle technique certificate. The seller is responsible for ensuring that the vehicle inspection is up-to-date and gives the valid CT certificate to the buyer. For used cars that have a CT certificate with less than six weeks remaining validity, the vehicle must undergo a roadworthiness test.

If the CT certificate has more than six weeks remaining validity, the new owner may choose not to have a CT carried out when registering the vehicle. In this case they must fill in a specific form (Renonciation au Contrôle Technique).

Registering a Vehicle in Luxembourg

The seller of the vehicle must inform the Ministry of Transport of the change of ownership, in writing, within 5 business days of the sale of the vehicle. The seller must send a form (Déclaration de mise hors circulation) accompanied by part 1 and 2 (grey and yellow) of the registration document (document d'immatriculation) and proof of sale (document-facture) to the following address:

Note: The forms must be sent by registered mail, or you can make an appointment to do this in person at one of the SNCA offices.

The new owner will need to take the following documents to one of the SNCA offices to register the vehicle in their name, or they can start the procedure online via (note that you must be registered in the National Register of Natural Persons before being able to register a new car in Luxembourg). In addition, you will need to provide the following:

  • A Vehicle Transaction request form (Demande de Transaction Automobile) available from the SNCA
  • Proof of identity
  • Tax stamp (Timbre de Chancellerie), available from the Administration de l'enregistrement et des domaines
  • Proof of sale (document-facture)
  • Proof of valid car insurance from a Luxembourg registered insurance company
  • The previous registration documents, which must be provided by the seller
  • Photocopy of the seller's proof of identity
  • A valid roadworthiness inspection certificate

After registering the vehicle at the SNCA, you will get a temporary road tax disc which is valid for 30 days.

You  will then be notified of the amount payable, by post, by the Customs and Excise Agency, which collects the tax. You will receive the permanent road tax disc (a grey window stamp is sent to replace the temporary pink one) by post once payment has been made. This is valid for one year.

SNCA offices:

  • Tel: (+352) 26626 - 400
  • Centre
    : 11 rue de Luxembourg, L-5230 Sandweiler
  • South
    : 22-28 rue Jos. Keffer, L-4176 Esch-sur-Alzette
  • North
    : 1, Houserstrooss, L-9760 Lellingen

Luxembourg Number Plates

If the seller wants to keep the original number plate, the buyer needs to contact the Société Nationale de Controle Technique, with their Social Security number (numéro matricule) to request a new plate registration number. It is possible to obtain a personalised number for an additional fee.

Note: All vehicles registered before 17 June 2003, with a number plate made up of two letters and three numbers must change the number plate when the vehicle changes owner.

The new owner will need to present the letter received from the SNCT before the plates can be mounted.