Issue of Registration/Number Plates in Luxembourg

Information on how vehicle registration plates are issued...

In Luxembourg, the number plates (plaques d'immatriculation) may be ordered before the car is registered in the country and passed its technical inspection. To get the assigned registration number, contact the vehicle registration department (Service Immatriculation des Véhicules) of the SNCT in writing, providing the Social Security number to receive a plate registration number. Newcomers recently relocated, who have not yet received a Social Security number may apply at the SNCT in Sandweiler and supply a valid certificate of residence issued by the Municipal office/town hall (commune) no more than one month prior.

A car owner may choose to personalise their registration plates for an additional fee. 

The cost of a personalised number plate is €50 and must be quested using the form Demande d’attribution d’un numéro d’immatriculation personnalisé

Registration plates can be printed and mounted by the following organisations on presentation of the letter from the Service Immatriculation des Véhicules:

  • Grun Signalisation (in French)
    At: 35 rue des Scillas, L-2529 Howald
    Tel: 49 61 62
  • Lux Signalisation (in French)
    At: 30 rue Jos Kieffer, L-4176 Esch-sur-Alzette
    Tel: 26 56 14 14
  • Weroco 
    At: Zone Industrielle Rolach - Hall 2 L-5280 Sandweiler
    Tel: 72 02 06
  • Lux-Plaques
    At: 2, Grand-Rue L-9710 Clervaux
    Tel: 28 79 64 76

Cars with Export Plates

When buying a car from a dealer outside of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, either the car is delivered by lorry by the dealer or the buyer can drive it to Luxembourg. In the latter case, the car must be registered with temporary plates and have a temporary insurance. The foreign car dealer will usually arrange this at an extra cost. The temporary plates are issued in the country where the vehicle was bought from.

Typically the validity of temporary plates ranges from 3 to 12 months. If the car was delivered without temporary plates, it can only be driven from the car dealership to the owner's property and from the owner's property to the customs office and the technical control centre.

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