End of Employment

Details on how to register as a job seeker, obligations and ADEM services...

At the end of a work contract or in the case of dismissal the first step is to register at the local Luxembourg employment office (Administration de l'Emploi - ADEM). The ADEM is the government agency involved in helping job seekers to find work and calculating unemployment benefits.
  • Administration de l'Emploi (ADEM) (in French) At: 10 rue Bender, L-1229 Luxembourg Tel: 24 78 88 88 Fax: 40 61 40                                                                                                                               Email Open: Monday to Friday from 08:30-11:30 and 14:00-17:00
For more information on ending a working relationship

Registration at the employment office

In order to register at the employment office (ADEM) the person must be resident in Luxembourg (take proof of address registration - Attestation d'enregistrement) Registration must be made in person at the local office closest to their place of residence. The person must present proof of identity (identity card or passport). The job seeker will receive a "job seekers guide" (Guide du demandeur d'emploi) along with a questionnaire to be filled in and returned with one week. An appointment is made with an advisor who will provide guidance and advice to help the person find employment. Registration as a job seeker is considered definitive following the first appointment with an advisor and the person will receive a document (carte de présentation) as proof of their inscription as a job seeker.

Job seekers obligations

To benefit from the services offered by the ADEM, the job seeker must sign a contract (convention). The convention stipulates that the person:
  • Is actively searching for employment (and can prove it with evidence of job applications, for example)
  • Must be available to go to the ADEM office if they receive notification to do so. If the person does not reply to a summons from the ADEM they must justify their absence (for example if they are at a job interview or sick)
  • Must accept any appropriate job offer
  • Must regularly review their situation with their advisor
If these rules are not respected the person may lose their employment benefits for a number of days. If they do not receive any benefits they may lose their rights to use the service provided by ADEM for two months.

Services provided by ADEM

The ADEM organises a number of services for individuals looking for employment. These include workshops on job seeking strategies, training programmes as well as specific services for those aged under 30, women looking to return to work and disabled job seekers.