Childcare and Pre-primary Education

Find out about the childcare and schooling options available to parents in Malaysia, plus information on babysitting services, and childminders...


There are a variety of privately run nurseries offering childcare to younger children in urban areas, including specialist Montessori nurseries.

Some families use nannies for childcare, who also help with housework and other general duties.

There are no legal requirements for babysitters in Malaysia, who can be found through word of mouth and advertisements on noticeboards in supermarkets. Malaysia's many hotels and serviced apartments also offer babysitting services.

Pre-primary Education

Pre-primary education is for children from five to seven years of age and it is not compulsory: parents decide when or if a child goes to pre-school. Pre-primary schools run by the MOE are only available to Malaysian citizens. Non-Malaysian citizens can choose to send their child to an international or private pre-school.

Pre-schools in Malaysia are referred to as taskas or tadikas. A taska is for children under the age of four; tadikas accept children aged three to seven. Fees for these schools are relatively reasonable. Parents tend to enrol their children in a pre-school in their residential area.