Higher Education

Find out about further and higher education in Malaysia and the types of programmes and the qualifications available...

Malaysian universities require that students have the Malaysian High School Certificate (STPM). It is possible to apply to local universities with a one-year matriculation programme; however, competition is fierce.

The Department of Higher Education is responsible for Malaysian public universities and they are heavily subsidised by the government. However, there are also private universities, which often have ties with international universities and offer opportunities for overseas qualifications (for example, SEGi University College).

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Postgraduate programmes

Postgraduate programmes such as the Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) are offered at public and private universities. Master of Science degrees and Doctor of Philosophy degrees are also available.

Vocational and polytechnic programmes

Polytechnics are an alternative to the traditional degree programme and they offer professional qualifications as well as diplomas.

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