Enrolling a Child in School

A guide to the school enrolment procedure in Malaysia...

Documents for enrolment in an international school may vary, however, schools generally require school reports and records from the previous school(s). Some schools may request to see vaccination certificates or that the child passes a medical before admission.

Local State Education Departments deal with school enrolment and give advice regarding the process and catchment areas. The Jabatan Pelajaran Wilayah Persekutuan deals with schools around Kuala Lumpur.

The general procedure for enrolling a child in a state school is as follows:

  • Find out which schools are in the local catchment area
  • Get an application form from the local State Education Department
  • Non-Malaysian citizens must apply for a student pass or visa from immigration to start school. The student pass/visa is not always necessary if the family has already applied for citizenship
  • Malaysian citizens must complete three copies of the application form which are submitted to their local State Education Department along with school examination results and reports from the child's previous school
  • Non-Malaysian citizens also complete three copies of the application form, which must first be taken to the school the child is going to attend. The school endorses the photocopied documents (such as reports from previous schools), and then all the forms are taken to the local State Education Department with the original documents. The application process takes two to three weeks
  • Once the application is approved, the approval letter needs to be picked up from the local State Education Department and an inscription fee must be paid.