Living With Teenagers in Malaysia

Guidelines for parents and their young adults in Malaysia...

There are plenty of activities for teenagers living in Malaysia. The country offers a wide range of sports clubs and activities, with purpose-built sports centres, sports fields and swimming pools. There are also a number of nationally-run youth clubs and organisations.

Youth Activities

The Boys Brigade Malaysia is an approved Extra Curricular Activity (ECA) and affiliate member of the Malaysian Youth Council. The club promotes games and activities, and awards badges for achievements. The Girls Brigade offers similar activities and is also popular in Malaysia.

The Girl Guides and the Malaysian Scouting Association also operate in Malaysia.

Kadet Remaja Sekolah Malaysia is a Malaysian School Youth Cadet Corps, similar to the Scouts, but organised by the Malaysian government. This is mainly for primary and secondary school students, with teachers taking the role of officers.

The Malaysian Red Crescent (MRC) is a voluntary humanitarian organisation that is strongly supported by teenagers and young adults. It has units in schools and higher educational institutes.

The Methodist Youth Fellowship is a religious organisation, which is also aligned with the Malaysian Youth Council.

YouthSays is an online youth opinion community, which works with businesses and organisations to reward young people for collective action, such as youth campaigns and events.

Sports clubs

There are plenty of sports facilities and clubs available in major cities and towns in Malaysia. Sports on offer range from badminton, tennis, archery, horse riding, cricket, basketball, baseball, cricket and football to dragon boat racing.

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Most big towns and cities have their own cinemas, where films can be seen in a variety of languages including English, Mandarin, Hindi and Cantonese.

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Summer Camps

There are a number of summer camps for teenagers in Malaysia. These include different types of camps such as wilderness camps, adventure camps, horse riding camps and water activity camps.

Voluntary Work

The Malaysian government has information on voluntary and charity work and provides a list of associations involved.