Medical Services

Information on finding a hospital, pharmacy or ambulance services in Malaysia...


In public hospitals, medical staff do not usually speak English, and all signage and forms to be filled out are in Bahasa Malaysia. Private hospitals provide excellent health facilities and have foreign-language staff. Patients generally need to pay the bills before leaving the hospital and then claim afterwards. Doctors and specialists can be consulted within their own practice; alternatively, they provide consultations within private hospitals.


The Ministry of Health is the main provider of ambulance services in Malaysia, but they are not coordinated. Response times are often slow and many ambulances are poorly equipped. In many situations it is better to use a taxi. Private medical facilities also provide ambulance services.


Pharmacies can be found in large shopping malls and are generally open from 10:00-22:00. Over-the-counter medicines can be purchased from convenience stores, although strong painkillers (containing codeine for example) require a prescription from a doctor.

Some private hospitals have a 24-hour pharmacy.

  • 24-hour National Pharmacy Call Centre
    Tel: 03 2615 5136