Prenatal Care

Find out about antenatal classes and the schedule of prenatal examinations and scans in Malaysia...

Malaysia has a high standard of medical care, especially in the private sector. Private medical centres are found in most big cities and towns throughout the country.

Doctors in the private sector are all certified professionals and most have been educated abroad; doctors and staff in private hospitals speak English. Hospital equipment is modern and rooms are similar to those found in good hotels.

Factors to consider when choosing a hospital and doctor are:

  • Hospital location
  • Gynaecologist's/obstetrician's availability
  • Pregnancy and post-natal check-ups
  • Paediatric care and vaccinations

Ask for the doctor's name card in case there is an emergency that requires immediate attention. A name card can save time in an emergency, as the doctor will go to the hospital if there is an emergency outside usual working hours.

Prenatal check-ups

A woman's chosen doctor provides her with an appointment card for prenatal check-ups. During these check-ups, the expectant mother is weighed, has her blood pressure taken and has urine tests to check for sugar and protein levels.

The doctor can also give information about:

  • Breathing classes
  • Pregnancy exercise classes
  • Midwives
  • Birthing methods, including water births and home births

Prenatal classes

A woman's doctor can recommend local prenatal classes. MumCentre also has comprehensive information.