The Birth

Information on the birthing options available in Malaysia including hospital deliveries, home births and water births...

Various options are available to pregnant women when it comes to the time of their baby's birth.


Medical care is easily available for pregnant women in Malaysia. There are private hospitals, as well as smaller private establishments which are recognised by the Malaysian Medical Association, as well as midwifery services and post-natal care.

Costs vary, but on average a delivery without complications starts at MYR 2,000 for the doctor's fees and hospital stay, which is two to three nights.

Employers can provide women with a recommendation regarding the best hospital nearest their home, or they can find their nearest private hospital from the Association of Private Hospitals of Malaysia.

Private hospitals in Malaysia

Most of the bigger private hospitals have branches throughout Malaysia. Some of the main ones providing pre-natal care and maternity services are:

Home Births

Malaysia has modern medical services, which means that the number of midwives available for home births is declining, as experienced professionals are absorbed by private hospitals. Finding a midwife may not be easy unless a woman lives in a small town where only government clinics are available.

Larger private hospitals do, however, have senior nursing staff who can make house calls on a case-to-case basis, but a home birth is not recommended unless in an emergency.

Water Births

Some private hospitals have facilities for water births. Most of these are in Kuala Lumpur city, as water births are still considered a novelty in Malaysia.

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