Postal Services in Malaysia

Information on the postal system in Malaysia with details on post boxes, sending letters, parcels and registered mail and mail forwarding services...

Pos Malaysia Berhad is Malaysia's postal service. For information on Pos Malaysia's services, contact:

  • Pos Malaysia
    Tel: 1300 300 300 (local) or +603 2727 9100 (from abroad)
    Fax: 03 2273 3927

Pos Malaysia consists of three companies:

  1. PosMel: manages general mail services for the public and retailers.
  2. PosLaju: a national courier provider.
  3. PosNiaga: responsible for increasing the accessibility of Pos services throughout Malaysia.

The Pos website provides information about mailing letters and parcels, the cost of stamps, special mail services, business mailing, PO Box services and holding and forwarding mail.

Post Boxes

Post boxes are either red (standard mail) or yellow (express mail) and are found throughout Malaysia. Collection times are displayed on the front of post boxes.

There are over 1,000 post offices and mini post offices (Pos Mini) in Malaysia.

Mail and Postal Services

Stamps can be bought from post offices, outlets or online from PostMe. Stamps are usually sold in a sheet of 20, but can also be purchased individually from post office counters.

Sending mail and parcels

The cost of sending parcels within Malaysia or internationally depends on the size and weight of the letter or parcel. Postage costs are reasonable.

  • To calculate the cost of sending a parcel or letter: Click here

Registered mail

Registered mail (PosDaftar) is a service which provides proof of delivery and trace and track services for the sender. A receipt is given at the time of posting and the recipient is required to sign for the delivery on receiving the item. Compensation is offered for any loss or damage to goods when this service is used.

To send a registered letter or parcel, get a PosDaftar label from a post office counter, fill it out and hand it to back to the counter staff to post.

  • For more information on sending registered mail: Click here

Sending parcels

Parcels can be sent from a post office or post office outlet. Custom formalities apply when sending a parcel overseas.

  • To find out the cost of sending a parcel overseas: Click here

PosLaju is a courier service that offers a faster service for sending parcels overseas. It also tracks delivery of parcels domestically and internationally.

  • To find out about cost and expected delivery times: Click here
  • For more information about PosLaju: Click here
  • For regulations about sending goods overseas: Click here

Receiving parcels

It is possible to track parcel delivery online using the trace and track service available from Pos and other independent courier companies. Small parcels are delivered to the door, but if the recipient is absent the parcel goes to a collection point for pick up. It is necessary to provide ID, which is consistent with the name addressed on the parcel, when collecting a parcel.

Mail forwarding

It is possible to get mail forwarded when, for example, moving house within Malaysia. To apply for this service, fill out a redirection application form (Pos Mel 14-02) from the delivery office closest to the former address.

Post Office Opening Hours

Post offices in Malaysia have varying opening hours. The majority of post offices are usually open between 10:00 and 18:00 from Monday to Saturday.

Post offices in cities tend to have longer opening hours. Opening hours may be shorter on the first Saturday of the month and on Sundays (if they open on Sundays).