Renting Accommodation in Malaysia

A guide to renting a property in Malaysia: how to find a property, deposits, tenancy agreements and stamp duty...

The following types of property are found in Malaysia:

  • Flats or apartments: Newer and upmarket blocks often have extra facilities such as a swimming pool, tennis courts and a gym
  • Condominiums: Similar to flats, but the blocks often have more facilities including convenience stores and security guards
  • Terraced houses: Houses usually have either one or two storeys and adjoin neighbouring properties. More luxurious and therefore expensive houses are referred to as town houses
  • Semi Ds: Semi-detached houses, where one unit comprises two homes
  • Bungalows: Detached houses built on their own land; they can be of any size and are often very large
  • Gated communities: Developments which are protected by a guard house and are surrounded by fencing