Finding a Property

How to go about finding a house or apartment to rent in Malaysia...

Short-term rental properties in Malaysia are not easy to find, as most landlords require their tenants to commit to at least two years. It is also not unusual for higher monthly rents to be charged for shorter tenancy periods.

Property can be found via estate agents, newspaper adverts and online. There are English language newspapers in Malaysia, which include property sections and are a good place to start when looking for a property to rent.

If an estate agent is finding a property, it is advisable for renters to be very clear about their requirements. Estate agents' boards are placed outside properties advertising that the property is available for rent. Commission to estate agents is paid by the landlord, tenants should not have to pay to visit a property.

Rental properties can either be furnished or unfurnished. Unfurnished rental properties usually include some standard facilities: kitchen white goods (typically a fridge, hob, washing machine and dryer), ceiling fans and air conditioning.

In furnished rental properties, renters should be aware that the quality of furniture is very varied; higher rents are charged for properties which are furnished to a higher standard.

In most cases a tenant must pay for utilities: electricity, water, telephone, Internet and television. It is usual that the cost of maintaining communal areas in flats or condominium blocks is included in the rental price.

Serviced apartments are also popular for those on a short term work contract. These are fully furnished and bills are generally included in the rent amount.

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