Find out how to get connected to the electricity supply in Malaysia...

The largest electricity provider in Malaysia is Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB), and they are also the largest power company in Southeast Asia. They provide electricity to Peninsular Malaysia, but not to Sabak and Sarawak. Most properties are connected to the electricity supply and it is only necessary to register a change of tenancy when moving, which can be done at a local customer service centre (Pusat Khidmat Pelanggan).

  • To find a customer service centre and view opening hours: Click here
  • Customer Service Tel: 15454

An application to change tenancy on a property must be done in person and the following documents are needed:

  • Identity card
  • Valid and stamped tenancy agreement
  • Letter of consent from the owner of the property and a letter of undertaking and indemnity
  • Proof of occupancy of the property: a telephone bill or similar

Payment of stamp duty, a two month deposit and an application fee are also necessary when an application is made.

New home owners must register as a new customer. A two month deposit is required. New applications for electricity supply can be made online.

  • For further information on applying for a new electricity supply: Click here

Payment and bills

Once a TNB account has been set up, customers can manage their account and view full billing information online. Bills are received monthly and can be paid in numerous ways: at a customer service centre, bank or post office, via direct debit, online, by cheque or by telephone. Penalty charges are imposed if a bill is paid later than 30 days after the due date.

Bills have a "meter reading code" section. If for some reason a meter reading has not been possible a bill is either marked with an "E" for estimate of monthly consumption or with an "A" for an average estimate of electricity consumption.

Customers can read their own meter for accurate billing and submit the results online or via SMS. This is useful if for some reason, TNB cannot regularly access the meter. Customers can read their own meters for three consecutive months; in the fourth month the meter must be read by TNB.

  • In the event of a loss of power, customers should call the TNB Careline or send an SMS to 15454

Electricity supply in Sabah

Electricity is supplied in Sabah by Sabah Electricity (SESB). To arrange an electricity connection or a new account, go to the nearest SESB office.

  • Customer Service Tel: 15454

Payment and bills

Customers are sent bills monthly. They can be paid at SESB counters, at banks, online and by telephone. Customers have 30 days to settle their bills. Failure to do so can result in disconnection. Bills are based on meter readings; when a meter is not read, an estimated bill is sent.

Electricity supply in Sarawak

In Sarawak electricity is supplied by Syarikat Sesco Berhad. To connect to the electricity supply, go to a Customer Service Counter. Take an identity card and proof of living in the property.

Payment and bills

Meters are read every two months to provide accurate billing and customers are expected to provide access. Bills can be paid at Customer Care Counters, by cheque, at banks, direct debit, by telephone and online. Charges are imposed for the late payment of bills.