Find out how to get connected to the mains gas supply in Malaysia, and where to buy bottled gas...

Gas is often supplied in bottles and is rarely connected to the mains. Homes in Peninsular Malaysia that are connected to the mains gas are supplied by Gas Malaysia. Areas outside Peninsular Malaysia, however, can only get gas in bottles.

When moving into a property that is already connected to the gas supply, customers should arrange the account transfer by telephoning the Customer Care line. A copy of an identity card or passport is needed as part of the process. A deposit, connection fee and stamp duty also have to be paid.

  • Customer Care Tel: 03 9206 7800

Payment and bills

Bills are received every two to three months and must be settled within 25 days of the date given. An estimated bill is given when a meter cannot be read. Bills can be paid online, at some Gas Malaysia offices, by post and at some banks.

Bottled Gas

Gas is frequently used for cooking in Malaysia and in most homes, bottled gas is used. Gas canisters are delivered to the home. Petrol stations can advise on companies that deliver in the area.

Hoses and regulators that connect the gas bottle to the cooker should be checked regularly, and hoses should be replaced every two years on average.

Some of the main bottled gas suppliers in Malaysia are: