Find out how to get connected to the household water supply in Malaysia...

In Malaysia, household water supply is overseen by local authorities.

It is common for landlords to keep the water bills in their own name, so new tenants don't have to arrange connection. However, in this case, tenants are required to pay a deposit against unpaid bills.

In Selangor and Putrajaya, water is supplied by Syabas. If it is necessary to reconnect the water supply, contact Syabas for contact details of the nearest office. A reconnection fee must be paid, and the water supply is reconnected within one working day. Staff generally speak English.

  • Customer Service, Tel: 1800 885 252


Bills are paid once a month and are usually quite reasonable. Bills can be paid at banks, online, at Syabas customer centres and by credit card.

  • For further information and contact details: Click here

Bottled Water

Bottled water is popular and many residents choose not to drink tap water unless a filter has been installed on the water supply to the home.

Many companies deliver bottled water to the home and some supply a cooler unit if a contract is taken out with the company.