Cycling and Mountain Biking

Information on cycling and mountain biking in Malaysia's countryside, with details of where to cycle and cycling clubs and associations...

Cycling is another way to see Malaysia. There are miles of quiet roads and country routes that are perfect for exploring by bike. Roads outside cities tend to be quiet, making cycling safe and enjoyable. The less populous East Malaysia, or Sabah and Sarawak have many uncongested roads which allow a cyclist to explore the region. There are a number of cycling clubs around the country which offer road and mountain bike rides for all cyclists.

The Malaysian National Cycling Federation, Malaysia's main cycling organisation, organises road and track races. There are velodromes in Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh.

Mountain biking is popular in Malaysia and the country has rural and jungle trails to explore. Many of the country's National Forest Reserves offer mountain biking trails. There are a number of trails to explore around Kuala Lumpur. The reservoirs behind the Batu caves offer a mix of well worn tracks and more serious jungle and steep rocky terrain to explore. The Hulu Gombak Forest Reserve is also very popular.

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There are many mountain biking clubs which offer a good way to get started in the sport. They organise trips riding in both rainforest and jungle.

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There is an annual mountain bike carnival in Kuala Lumpur. The event involves races in a number of categories. The races use the Kiara trail, a track used by cyclists, runners and hikers from the region.

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