Vehicle Taxes in Malaysia

Information about road tax and car tax paid by vehicle owners in Malaysia...

Road Tax

In Malaysia, car insurance is compulsory and road tax also has to be paid by car owners. The larger a vehicle's engine, the more road tax is payable. Road tax is used to pay for maintaining the road network nationwide. The amount of road tax depends on the following factors:

  • Type of car
  • Whether the car is diesel or petrol
  • Engine capacity
  • Whether the vehicle is for commercial or domestic use

Road tax can be bought or renewed online.

  • For information from MyEG (Malaysian e-Government): Click here
  • To calculate the approximate costs of road tax: Click here

Car Tax

Import duty must be paid on any vehicles imported into Malaysia. These rates can be quite high and excise duties can be up to 100 percent when importing a foreign vehicle.

  • For details about import duties and local taxes from the Malaysian Automotive Association: Click here

However, residents who have a My Second Home Programme visa are allowed to bring in one car for personal use into Malaysia without having to pay import duty, excise duty or sales tax.