Leaving Malaysia and Moving On

Information on the formalities to be completed when leaving Malaysia...

When leaving Malaysia and moving on, there are a number of tasks to be completed before departure.

Employment Passes and Professional Visit Passes

Employment passes and professional visit passes need to be cancelled before leaving the country, as do any associated passes held by accompanying family members. An application to cancel either an employment pass or a professional visit pass should be made by the pass holder's sponsoring company. It must be done at least three working days before or within one month of the intended departure or termination date, whichever is earlier.

Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) Visas

MM2H visa holders need to cancel their visas prior to leaving the country. To cancel the visa, take the following documents to the Malaysia My Second Home Centre in person:

  • Passport and a copy
  • Letter stating intent to leave the programme and the country
  • Copy of the fixed deposit account certificate (if applicable)
  • Letter of authorisation from the Ministry of Tourism to withdraw the fixed deposit (if applicable)
  • Airline ticket to leave the country and a copy

A release letter is generally granted within three to five working days of making the application. Once the visa is cancelled, the applicant can withdraw their fixed deposit (if applicable) from the bank where it is held.

  • For further information about cancelling an MM2H visa: Click here

Financial Issues


All banks should be notified when individuals leave Malaysia, either to close an account or to change address. Accounts can be closed by visiting the local branch with identification documents. To change an address, the bank needs the account details and both the new and previous addresses.

To take more foreign currency out of Malaysia than was brought in, requires permission from the Controller of Foreign Exchange. The amount of both foreign and local currency being taken out of the country must be declared.


An individual's employer must complete a CP21 form and send it to the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia not less than one month before their confirmed departure date. The form records the amount of income earned that year from 1 January to the date that employment terminates. Any money owed by an employer after employment ends can only be paid once clearance has been given by the Inland Revenue Board. Any bonus or additional salary paid after the individual leaves the country is still taxable in Malaysia.

The Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia must be informed of any change in an individual's circumstances, such as a change in address. A change of address form should be completed and submitted to the nearest IRBM branch or to their customer service centre.

  • For more information and to download a change of address form: Click here

Housing Issues

Rental contracts

If tenants leave a property before the end of the tenancy period, they should check what terms are included in their tenancy agreement for early termination of tenancy. Landlords usually require written notification of tenants' intention to leave two to three months in advance. It may be necessary to pay two to three months' rent to compensate landlords for early termination.

Most tenancy agreements require the tenant to leave the property in its original state. It is advisable to agree with the landlord in advance on what work needs to be done, which makes it more likely that a deposit is returned in full.


When individuals leave Malaysia, all utility providers (gas, electricity, water, Internet, mobile and home telephones) should be contacted to arrange final bills and disconnection.

Electricity is provided by TNB in Peninsular Malaysia. Before moving, contact the company in writing to arrange a final meter reading. Accounts can be closed by visiting the nearest customer service centre (Pusat Khidmat Pelanggan); the address is given on a bill. The original receipt for the deposit is needed as well as proof of a final billing address.

Electricity is supplied in Sabah by Sabah Electricity (SESB). To arrange disconnection, go to the nearest SESB office or telephone their Customer Services department.

  • Customer Service Tel: 15454

In Sarawak electricity is supplied by Syarikat Sesco Berhad. To arrange disconnection, go to a Customer Service Counter with proof of identity.

Mains gas is supplied by Gas Malaysia. To cancel a gas supply contract contact their Customer Care service:

  • Tel: 03 9206 7800

Water services are provided by the local authority, who should be contacted to arrange final billing.

Landline telephone and Internet services are provided by Telekom Malaysia. They can be contacted online to arrange disconnection.

  • Tel: 100 (from a landline) or 1 300 888 123 (from a mobile telephone).


A mail forwarding company should be used to arrange for important mail to be sent to a new address.


All insurance companies (health, property, vehicle, life) should be informed about an intended move and a claims history requested where possible.


The procedure for informing schools when leaving Malaysia is very similar for all public, private and international schools. Parents should notify the school about their child's departure and ask for their academic records and a certificate of attendance. New schools should be contacted well in advance to ensure that places are available when needed.

Exporting a Car

The customs requirements in the destination country should be checked well in advance of moving so that all documents and paperwork can be prepared. Consulates or the Embassy in the new country can provide information on registration and licence obligations.

Exporting a Pet from Malaysia

To get an export permit for a dog or cat:

  • Go to the Department of Veterinary Services, with the animal and a letter stating that the animal has been examined, is healthy and has been vaccinated. Rabies vaccinations should be done more than 30 days before leaving the country
  • The pet is examined and a microchip inserted. Blood is taken to test for Nipah virus. The pet's owner is notified once the test result is known
  • If the animal is found to be negative for Nipah virus, the owner needs to bring a letter from the animal's vet stating that it has had no contact with pigs and has not been anywhere with a confirmed case of Nipah virus in the 60 days prior to export
  • For contact information for the Department of Veterinary Services: Click here

Before taking an animal out of Malaysia, the owner should check the quarantine regulations and other requirements of the destination country. Sudden outbreaks of disease can affect pet transportation. Some airlines insist that a professional pet exporter is used to arrange flights for an animal to ensure that everything is completed on time prior to departure.

The International Air Transport Association provides guidelines on how to transport an animal by air. To travel by air, the animal must be in a container which allows it to stand and turn normally, as well as sit and lie in a natural position.

  • For advice from the International Air Transport Association on transporting an animal and preparing for the journey: Click here

Travelling can be very traumatic for animals, so it advisable to allow them to get used to their travelling crate in the months leading up to the flight. Different airlines have different regulations, so the rules for a chosen carrier should be checked when planning the journey.