Getting a Malaysian Driving Licence

Find out about learning to drive and how to get a provisional driving licence in Malaysia...

Probationary Driving Licence

There are five stages involved in obtaining a Probationary Driving Licence:

  1. Applicants must pass the Highway Code test, which can be conducted in English or Bahasa Malaysian.
  2. Applicants must attend a six-hour theory course which includes information about how to maintain a car in good condition and practical information given on a one-to-one basis.
  3. Once the first and second stages have been completed, it is possible to obtain the Probationary Driving Licence, which allows the learner to start taking driving lessons. Only driving school instructors, or instructors associated with the Driving Institutes, may teach learner drivers. Learners must take a driving course of a minimum of 6-10 hours depending on their standard of driving.
  4. The learner driver must complete the QTI (qualifying test) or pre-test. This is conducted internally by the Driving Institute to check that the learner has reached the required level to undertake the driving examination. For more information about the QTI: Click here.
  5. Upon completion of the Q.T.I exam, it is possible to take the official JPJ driving test. Results are issued instantly. If the candidate fails it is possible to re-take the test the following week.

Applicants who have had their driver's licence for over two years may then apply for a Competence Driving Licence (CDL).

Driving schools and instructors

All driving instructors must be qualified and have passed a driving instructor course organised by the Road Transport Department. Most driving instructors operate through driving institutes or academies, which can be found locally or by searching online. Many driving institutes and academies offer instruction in English.

Scooters and Motor Driven Cycles

It is necessary to have a motorcycle driving licence to ride a motorcycle or scooter in Malaysia. Motorcycles are classed as B1 not exceeding 500c and B2 not exceeding 250cc. It is compulsory to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle.

The minimum age to apply for a motorcycle licence B1 or B2 is 16 years.


It is an offence to drive without motor insurance. There is a penalty for driving without motor insurance and the driver risks up to three months in jail.

Motor insurance is available privately from authorised insurers who are regulated by the Road Transport Act.