Renewals and Lost Driving Licences

Find out how to renew your driving licence in Malaysia and what to do if you lose your licence...

Renewing a Driving Licence

Malaysian driving licences may be renewed online through the MyEG website.

Payment can be made by credit card, direct debit or via ecash accounts at Driving Institutes. A Competent Driving Licence (CDL) may be renewed every one, two, three or five years. A grace period of three years is allowed for renewal of a driving licence after it has expired, before it is necessary to re-apply for the licence at the Road Transport Department.

Replacing a Lost or Stolen Driving Licence

It is necessary to report a lost or stolen driving licence to local police and obtain a police report, for which a small fee must be paid. The police report permits the motorist to drive for up to two weeks. With a police report it is possible to get a duplicate driving licence from any branch office of the Road Transport Department. Duplicate licences are issued on the same day.

To obtain a duplicate driving licence, it is necessary to provide the following:

  • A coloured photograph (25mm X 32mm)
  • A copy of a utility bill as proof of address